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Tackling together health challenges of the social and environmental polycrisis.

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A multi-sites forum


The One Sustainable Health for all Forum was launched in Lyon, France, July, 2021. It brings together more than fifty professional and civil society organizations working across the globe on a holistic approach to health. One that takes into account human, animal and environmental health.

Over the past two years, the forum has convened a cross-disciplinary network of experts, collaborating through six permanent working groups. The forum has also hosted a series of conferences and webinars, tying together the social and environmental agenda through a holistic approach to health. Its’ main goal is to contribute towards a country-based operational approach defined by the principles of One Sustainable Health. Such a country approach will integrate policies, budgets, projects and programs implemented by public, non-governmental and private organizations.

The One Sustainable Health approach emerged from the lessons learned from the recent Covid-19 crisis. The Covid-19 crisis has been a preview of what has been deemed a ‘polycrisis’ - a series of overlapping challenges as human health is increasingly threatened by profound changes in our ecosystems due to climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, microbial resistance and other environmental threats. The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the challenges of interconnected systems for health, which integrate health, food, water, energy, and ecosystems.

It calls for re-evaluating our approach to health systems by moving beyond the universal health coverage agenda, to adopt a holistic approach that brings together sustainability and equity, pushing us to rethink our investments in health systems and our approach to service delivery and financing for health.

We call for a three-pronged agenda to build inclusive and adaptative systems for health: 

  • From One Health to Planetary Health : fostering public health institutions and programs that are fit for the 21st century, as a foundation to pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.
  • Green and Resilient systems: making the necessary investments in mitigation and adaptation through zero emission and climate-resilient health infrastructure and supply chains.
  • Adaptive Social Protection: strengthening social protection systems that respond to climate and health vulnerability and build the financial instruments and systems for societies to adapt to climate change.

The first Global Forum will be held from July 5 to 7, 2023, at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon. This 3-day international event will bring together high-level political and technical stakeholders from different countries to discuss the recommendations drafted by the six international working groups and map out the path towards the integration of a One Sustainable Health approach in budgets, programs and projects at country-level. 

It will take place as a multisite event, both on site and virtually, with international sessions planned from several countries, as part of an inclusive process.

We welcome professionals from all public and private organizations wishing to share their experience and question the status quo, aware of the need to go beyond silos in order to move forward in an interdisciplinary alliance, harnessing new methods of international cooperation to address the social and environmental challenges in health.

We invite you to participate and register!

Agnès Soucat

Head of Division of Health and Social Protection, Agence française de développement (AFD)

Benoit Miribel

Secretary General, One Sustainable Health For All Foundation

About us

One Sustainable Health for All Foundation

The One Sustainable Health for All Foundation was created on September 1, 2020, under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation, in Lyon, France, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its objectives are to increase dialogue and innovative projects between public and private partners in favor of a holistic approach to health. This within the framework of a collaborative and inclusive action, without borders, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030).

The Sustainable Health for All Foundation is currently developing two complementary activities:

  • The One Sustainable Health (OSH) Forum, launched in 2021, to promote a “One Health / Planetary Health” transdisciplinary approach. The OSH Forum organizes conferences and leads six thematic Working Groups which aim to facilitate the operational implementation of projects integrating human, animal and environmental health.

  • The Coalition One Europe for Global Health (OEGH), launched in 2022 during the French Presidency of the European Union, to promote the “One Health” approach in the international strategy of the European Union.

AFD Group

AFD Group contributes to the implementation of France’s policies for sustainable development and international solidarity. The Group includes Agence Française de Développement (AFD), which finances the public sector, NGOs, research and training; its subsidiary Proparco, which is dedicated to the private sector; and Expertise France, a technical cooperation agency. The Group finances, supports and accelerates the transitions needed for a fairer, more resilient world.

With our partners, we are building shared solutions with and for the people in more than 150 countries, as well as in 11 French Overseas Departments and Territories. As part of the commitment of France and the French people to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, our teams are at work on more than 4,800 projects in the field. Our objective is to reconcile economic development with the preservation of common goods, from peace, the climate and biodiversity to health, education and gender equality. Towards a world in common.


Organizing Committee

    • Agnès SOUCAT (AFD)
    • Agnès BUZYN (Sciences Po)
    • Runa KHAN (Friendship Bangladesh)
    • Vanina LAURENT-LEDRU / Daouda DIOUF (Foundation S)
    • Detlev GANTEN (World Health Summit)
    • Eric COMTE (Geneva Health Forum)
    • Benjamin ROCHE / Cécile GRIMALDI (IRD-Prezode)
    • Benoit MIRIBEL (Fondation Une Santé Durable pour Tous)
    • Rebecca GRAIS (Pasteur Network)
    • Marion LELOUVIER / Jean-Marc PAUTRAS (CFF)

Scientific Committee

 The Scientific Committee is co-chaired by Agnès Buzyn and Saliem Fakir and coordinated by Juan Lubroth. It is composed of the following two groups of experts:

Groups of experts invited to the Scientific Council of the OSH 2023 Forum:

  • Dr. Marc BONNEVILLE – Scientific Director - Institut Mérieux - France
  • Pr. Agnès BUZYN – Former French Health Minister - France
  • Dr. Diarmid CAMPBELL-LENDRUM - PhD - World Health Organization - Switzerland
  • Pr. Natalia CEDIEL BECERRA - Universidad de La Salle - Colombia
  • Pr. Awa Marie COLL SECK – State Minister and former Health Minister- Presidency of the Republic of Senegal - Senegal
  • Pr. Alan DANGOUR - Wellcome Trust - UK
  • Pr. Kristie EBI - University of Washington - USA
  • Pr. Anna-Bella FAILLOUX - Institut Pasteur - France
  • Mr. Saliem FAKIR - The African Climate Foundation - South Africa
  • Pr. Zafar FATMI - Aga Khan University - Pakistan
  • Dr. Àngel FONT VIDAL - Fundació La Caixa - Spain
  • Pr. Renzo GUINTO - MD DrPH - Planetary and Global Health Program, St. Luke's Medical Center College of Medicine - Philippines
  • Pr. Andy HAINES - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - UK
  • Dr. Rafi Abul HASNATH SIDDIQUE - Friendship - Bangladesh
  • Armelle HEBERT - MPH, Public Development Policy, Science Policy - One Health Strategic Advisor, IWG1 Coordination and Science Policy Advocate, One Health Implementation under Territories Environmental Determinants / Essentials Ecosystems
  • Mr. Richard HORTON – Editor-in-Chief – The Lancet - UK
  • Pr. Jean JOUZEL - Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace - France
  • Pr. Paola MINOPRIO - Director of the Institut Pasteur - Brazil
  • Pr. Ole Petter OTTERSEN  - University of Oslo and Karolinska Institutet - Norway
  • Ms. Ana RAMOS BENTO - Rockefeller Foundation - USA
  • Dr. Rafael RUIZ de CASTAÑEDA - University of Geneva - Switzerland
  • Dr. Amadou Alpha SALL - Institut Pasteur - Senegal
  • Dr. Chris WALZER - Wildlife Conservation Society - USA
  • Pr. Rhoda WANYENZE - Makerere University - Uganda

Group of experts members of the Scientific Council of the OSH Forum having defined the 6 international thematic working groups in 2021, chairing or ensuring the follow-up of the work:

  • Pr. Antoine ANDREMONT, INSERM, Paris Diderot University, OSH scientific committee member
  • Pr. Christian BOITARD, INSERM, AP-HP, OSH scientific committee member
  • Dr. Namukolo COVIC, CGIR, Chair of the working group #2
  • Pr. Patrice DEBRÉ, Pierre & Marie Curie University, Académie de Medicine, OSH scientific committee member, co-Chair of the working group #1 
  • Pr. Hélène DELISLE, Montréal University, OSH scientific committee member, co-Chair of the working group #4 
  • Pr. Eeva FURMAN, SYKE, OSH scientific committee member
  • Pr. Detlev GANTEN, Charité Foundation, OSH scientific committee member
  • Dr. Amandine GAUTIER, ENSV/VetAgroSup, OSH scientific committee member, co-Chair of the working group #3
  • Dr. Etienne GUILLARD, Solthis, OSH scientific committee member
  • Pr. Renzo GUINTO, co-Chair of the working group #3
  • Pr. David HEYMANN, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medecine, Chatham House, OSH scientific committee member
  • Pr. Heribert HOFER, Leibniz Institute for zoology & wildlife research, OSH scientific committee member
  • Dr. Mirdad KAZANJI, Institut Pasteur, OSH scientific committee member
  • Ms. Runa KHAN, Friendship, OSH scientific committee member
  • Dr. Thierry LEFRANCOIS, CIRAD, OSH scientific committee member
  • Dr. Juan LUBROTH, Chair of the working group #6
  • Pr. Serge MORAND, CNRS, CIRAD, Kasetsart University, OSH scientific committee member
  • Pr. Jean-Paul MOATTI, Aix-Marseille University, OSH scientific committee member
  • Pr. Francine NTOUMI, Marien N’Gouabi University, University of Tübingen, Fondation Congolaise pour la Recherche Médicale, OSH scientific committee member
  • Dr. Wilm QUENTIN, Technische Universität Berlin, OSH scientific committee member
  • Dr. Benjamin ROCHE, IRD, Prezode, OSH scientific committee member
  • Pr. Babette SIMON, Université Paris Descartes, OSH scientific committee member
  • Dr. Lene SØVOLD, co-Chair of the working group #4
  • Pr. Tieble TRAORE,OSH scientific committee member, co-Chair of the working group #1

International Working groups

The 6 working groups of OSH Forum have been set up at the beginning of the initiative to formulate cross-sectoral recommendations and imagine pilot actions that can make an operational day-to-day impact and foster one sustainable health. 

Composed of experts ranging from academics and operational managers to policy makers and officials from public agencies, they will present their first ideas in Lyon, opening the ground to a discussion with operational stakeholders from all continents. 

The 6 themes are the following :

  1. Mitigating the Impact of Environmental Pollution, Climate Change and Pressure on Biodiversity to promote Better Health Outcomes
  2. Towards Sustainable Food Systems for Improved Nutrition and Health
  3. How must human interaction/relationship with nature be transformed to achieve One Sustainable Health?
  4. Equitable access to quality health-related services
  5. Financing & global levers of change to foster One Sustainable Health
  6. Developing One Sustainable Health practices & resilience within local communities

Working group Chairs :

  • Pr. Patrice Debré & Pr. Tieblé Traoré
  • Dr. Namukolo Covic
  • Dr. Amandine Gautier & Pr. Renzo Guinto
  • Pr. Hélène Delisle & Dr. Lene Søvold
  • Dr. Agnès Soucat
  • Dr. Juan Lubroth


  • Providing the state of play in cross-disciplinary knowledge and action to foster One Sustainable Health for All

    Side events

    • 9:30am - 11:30am  : Next Generations Forum (off-site - hosted at Sciences Po Lyon) 
      This workshop will aim to synthesize different experiences from young One Health professionals to deliver impactful messages during Plenary 4 on July 6th. 
      Organized by OSH Forum, VetAgroSup and Sciences Po Lyon 

    • 10:00am - 12:00pm  : One Health in Humanitarian Context (off-site - hosted at Fondation Bullukian) 

    • 10:30am - 12:30pm  : Medical Innovation and the Climate Emergency - How to reduce the impact of Global Health ? (on-site - hosted at le Musée des Confluences)
      Healthcare and medical research activities contribute significantly to climate change. They account for around 5% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions – and up to 9% in the wealthiest countries. Production and supply chains are also heavily dependent on single-use plastics and other polluting industrial practices.
      Stakeholders in global health – whether in medical research, or the production or deployment of medical products - have a critical role to play in addressing the climate emergency: both in terms of reducing carbon emissions and environmental impacts, but also in designing and promoting an overall operational approach that more systematically integrates the climate paradigm, in line with the fundamental principle of 'do no harm'.
      This interactive roundtable will explore the issues faced by the non-profit medical innovation actors and the pharmaceutical industry in addressing these critical questions.
       Organized by DNDi, Unitaid and The Climate Action Accelerator

    1:00pm - 2:00pm | WELCOME COFFEE 

    2:00pm – 3:00pm | OPENING OF THE OSH LYON FORUM : Rethink Global Challenges of change Replay 


    Welcome and Opening. Speakers will focus on the main objectives of this One Sustainable Health for All Forum and highlight the challenges facing the environment and global and local health systems. From various perspectives, the speakers will share their vision on the need to rethink and redesign priorities, and experiences on how to advance societal and environmental resilience and aligning governance andealth and Planetary Health agendas into a One Sustainable Health for All. pol itical capitals to converge One H


    Edwige COUPEZ (Independent journalist)


    Runa KHAN (OSH Forum Honorary Chair and Friendship Bangladesh Founder)
    Benoit MIRIBEL (Secretary General, One Sustainable Health for All Foundation)
    Detlev GANTEN (Co-founder of Rudolph Virshow Foundation – Co-founder of OSH Forum )                                                                                                        Axel PRIES (President World Health Summit) - Video

    Agnès SOUCAT (AFD Health Director) 
    Agnès BUZYN - Saliem FAKIR (Co-Chairs of the Scientific Committee)
    Anne-Claire AMPROU (French Global Health Ambassador)

    Art session

    Presentation of the works of the 6 artists on the OSH Forum
    Art for science
    by Mélanie DAL GOBBO 

    General introduction

    Andy HAINES (Professor; Environmental Change and Public Health; former Dean of the London School for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene)

    3:00pm – 4:30pm | PLENARY SESSION 1 : Mainstreaming OSH - From One Health and Planetary Health to an operational One Sustainable Health Approach | Case studies on Decarbonisation (Pakistan) and Metrics/Progressive Pathways Replay 


    The session will zoom in on the crucial importance of sustainability and on the urgent need to support the mainstreaming and convergence of the vital efforts in the areas of One Health, Planetary Health and related domains. It will draw on concrete examples from education, research, health diplomacy. It will share methodologies, mechanisms and progress measurements for increasing awareness among people and policy maker on to mainstream in an equitable manner.


    Fred FENTER (Chief Executive Editor (CEE) Frontiers Publishing Group)

    Inspirational Voices

    Françoise BARRE-SINOUSSI (Pasteur Institute – Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008)
    Hélène DELISLE (Emeritus Professor, University of Montréal - Canada)
    Yongguan ZHU (Professor, Biogeochemistry and Environmental Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences - Xiamen, China)

    Case Studies 

    • On the ground - Pakistan and Decarbonisation - Fawzia RASHEED (Senior Advisor to the Director of Health, Aga Khan Development Network, Climate and Environment Lead, Aga Khan Health Services)
    • Metrics / Progressive Pathways - Koen MINTIENS (International Animal Health and Welfare Consultant)


    Rebecca GRAIS (Director Pasteur Network)
    Saliem FAKIR (Executive Director, African Climate Foundation - South Africa)
    Benjamin ROCHE (Research Director IRD; Prezcode)
    Keith MARTIN (Executive Director, Consortium of Universities for Global Health - Washington DC) 
    Rafael RUIZ DE CASTAÑEDA (Institute of Global Health & Division of Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UNIGE - Switzerland) 

    4:30pm - 5:00pm | BREAK AND NETWORKING 

    5:00pm – 6:30pm  | PLENARY SESSION 2 : Stepping Up the Operationalisation of OSH - Global and Local Systems for Health and Environment: What do we know, what have we learned? Moving to a cross-disciplinary operational approach | Case study on adaptative systems (Senegal) and One Health for One Planet Education Replay 

      The session will look at what has been learned in operationalising the various areas of work surrounding One Sustainable Health. How do local, country and global structures function in advancing to cross and transdisciplinary approaches needed and how can we all engage where we stand. What works, what does not, what can be learned from practice?


    John AMUASI (Chair, One Health Commission, The Lancet)

    Keynote addresses

    Rhoda WANYENZE (Makerere University - Uganda)
    Serge MORAND (French National Centre for Scientific Research)
    Zulfiquar BHUTTA (Chair, Global Child Health, Hospital for Sick Children, Founding Director of the Center of Excellence in Women and Child Health at the Aga Khan University - Toronto, Canada)

    Case Studies

    • On the ground – Senegal and Adaptive Systems– Libasse BA (Program coordinator, ENDA (Senegal), Chair of National climate change committee)
    • One Health for One Planet Education - George LUEDDEKE (Adviser- Higher, Medical and One Health Education, Global Lead, International One Health for One Planet Initiative (1 HOPE)) - On remote


    Diarmid CAMPBELL-LENDRUM (Unit Head, Climate and Health, World Health Organization)
    Chris WALZER (Executive Director of Health, Wildlife Conservation Society - New York)
    Renzo GUINTO (St Luke’s Medical Center Medical College - The Philippines)
    Gunhild WALDEMAR (President BioMed Alliance Europe and One Europe for Global Health OEGH coalition)

    Call to
    action statement

    Richard HORTON (Editor-in-Chief the Lancet, physician) 

    7:00pm – 9:30pm | LYON CITY HALL ROUNDTABLE : One Sustainable Health - Global Issues  - On-site only


    Hosted by the Mayor’s Office of Lyon, this interactive session will centre on the issues faced by a community and the mechanisms to address complex concerns regarding health care, devolution of services, food systems, waste management, energy, migration and immigration, political and politician positions, and communication.


    Edwige COUPEZ (Independent journalist)


    Céline DE LAURENS (Deputy Mayor for Health and Environment - Lyon)
    Dr. Benoît BLAES (Centre de Santé Communautaire et Planétaire - Bron Town, Lyon) 
    Nguissali M.E TURPIN (Directrice Exécutive, ENDA Santé - Dakar, Senegal) 
    David ATCHOARENA (Director WHO Academy - Lyon)

    Closing address

    Jérôme BONNAFONT (Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations Office at Geneva)
  • Based on the six International Working Groups of the OSH Forum: Sharing of country experiences and practices, science-based solutions and operationalization

    8:30am - 9:00am | WELCOME COFFEE

    9:00am – 10:10am | PLENARY SESSION 3 :  Global Synergy in One Sustainable Health -  Insights from the Regional Workshops in Bangladesh, Brazil, Lebanon and Senegal Replay 


    Four in-country/regional workshops were held prior to the Lyon Conference. This session will consist in a roundtable dialogue of crucial issues about their exchanges, share highlights and main findings and introduce potential recommendations. 


    Shehz KHAN (Opener of the Glasgow COP26)


    Daouda DIOUF (Foundation S; Head of Climate Action and Health Resilience)
    Casimiro VIZZINI (OSH Foundation; physician)


    BANGLADESH : Rafi ABUL HASNATH SIDDIQUE (Deputy Director, Health Sector, Friendship Bangladesh) - Kazi GOLAM RASUL (Sr Director and Head of Health, Friendship)
    SENEGAL: Ibrahima SECK (Head of the Preventive Medicine and Public Health Department of the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD) - Awa DIENG (Regional Manager, AMREF)
    LEBANON: Dolla SARKIS (Vice-Rector Saint Joseph University, Beirut) – Jocelyne ADJIZIAN GERARD (Coordinator of the Geography Department, Director of CREEMO, Research Coordinator at CSH, Saint Joseph University of Beirut) - Virginie LEFEVRE (Amel Association, Lebanon)
    BRAZIL: Carla de FREITAS CAMPOS (Deputy Director of ICTB/Fiocruz, Coordinator of Fiocruz's One Health Translational Research Program, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz)


    10:10am – 10:55am | PLENARY SESSION 4 : Better Ways to Better Futures - Presentation of recommendations from the Next Generations Forum Replay 


    This plenary will host the next generation’s professional visions and concrete perspectives on One Sustainable Health for All. Young professionals share their outlook on sustainability, and highlight how they would configure a transdisciplinary approach to global health and environmental stewardship, challenges and changes in education, in research, in clinical practice and influencing policy.


    Juan LUBROTH (Wildlife Biologist, Veterinarian, PhD Epidemiology and Public Health; former Chief Veterinary Officer FAO/UN; Lancet One Health Commissioner)

    Inspirational voices

    Camille ETIENNE (Environmentalist; Sciences Po / Paris Sorbonne)
    Omnia EL OMRANI (COP27 President Youth Envoy; Climate Change & Mental Health Policy Fellow, Imperial College London) - On remote
    Documentary (Film) – “Materia Viva” by Alessandro PORTANTE D’ALESSANDRO (Libero SRL, Milan, Italy)

    Next Generations agenda

    Max CLARON (MSc studies; London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and Royal Veterinary College; OSH Forum)
    Audrey FONTAINE (Open Diplomacy - France)
    Khatantuul BAATUR (Intern; Mongolia at World Organisation for Animal Health - Paris) 
    Rodrigo SAN MARTIN (PhD Candidate;  Université Paris-Saclay; Biologist / MSc in Climate, Land Use and Ecosystem Services - Argentina)
    Marialía LUCIO RESTREPO (Environmental Law - Colombia/Italy) 


    10:55am - 11:15am

    11:15am – 12:00pm | PLENARY SESSION 5 : Crucial conversation - Private sector response to health and environmental challenges Replay 



    The Plenary will bring together several umbrella or business associations (health, environment, climate, food production and distribution) to exchange views on roles and responsibilities of the private sector in addressing a sustainable and healthier future to the planet, to meet the needs of communities and consumers.


    Carsten SCHICKER (Managing Director, World Health Summit) 

    Keynote Adresses

    Amadou SALL (Directeur General, Institut Pasteur de Dakar - Senegal)
    Erick MAVILLE (Santé en Entreprise - France) - On remote


    Antoine DENOIX (CEO, AXA Climate, Butterfly Coalition - France)  
    Sandrine BOUTTIER-STREF (Sustainable Markets Initiative, member Global Compact, Sanofi - France)                    Nils PEDERSEN (CEO Global Compact France) 

    12:00pm - 1:30pm | LUNCH AND NETWORKING

    1:30pm – 3:30pm | Thematic session of OSH Forum working groups - 1st series of 3 parallel IWG Sessions

    International Working Group 1 - From Environmental Pollutions to Solutions to promote Better One Health Outcomes, Mitigating Environmental Pollutions impacts, CC and Pressure on Biodiversity Replay 

    Moderator and Welcoming

    Agnes Soucat, MD, MPH, Ph.D, Head, Division of Health and Social Protection, French Development Agency


    Pr Patrice DEBRÉ (Head of the international relationship committee of the French Academy of Medicine (NMA) - PSL - TNDs Francophone Network)

    Dr. Tieblé TRAORE (WHO Dakar, Technical Officer (Emergency Preparedness), One Health Operationalization)                                               


    Armelle HEBERT (MPH, Public Development Policy, Science Policy - One Health Strategic Advisor, Territories Implementation under Environmental Determinants)


    Ismahane REMONNAY (Head of Risk & Regulatory Affairs Director Veolia, Head of Partnerships & Megatrends Chemical Transition)

    Inspiring speakers

    Pr Bilge Alpaslan KOCAMEMI (Turkish Water Institute (SUEN)-Marmara University)  
    Dr Desmond APPIAH (Clean Air Fund Ghana)  
    Dr Misbath DAOUDA (Columbia Univ USA)  
    Dr Monica KOBAYASHI (UNEP for Agricultural Biodiversity)  
    David COLON  
    Virginie VAN DE KERCHOVE (Up2 Green)  
    Ismahane REMONNAY (Veolia)   
    Germain L’HOSTIS (Réveil Ecologic)  
    Sylviane RATTE (CEO European Office - Vital Strategies)  
    Dr Xavier LANNUZEL (CEO Ginger International)

    International Working Group 2 (Food and Nutrition systems) - Towards Sustainable Food Systems for Improved Nutrition and Health

    Moderator and Welcoming

    Claire Fehrenbach (Groupe Nutriset)


    Namukolo Covic (CGIAR)

    Inspiring speakers

    Namukolo Covic (CGIAR) 
    Marc Bonneville (Institut Mérieux) 
    Pietro Ferrari (Centre International de Recherche sur le Cancer) 
    Yon Fernandez-de-Larrinoa (FAO) 
    Naukolo Covic (CGIAR) 

    International Working Group 3 (Frontier with wilderness) - How must human interaction / relationship with nature transform to achieve One Sustainable Health

    Moderator and Welcoming

    Renzo Guinto      


    Renzo Guinto
    Amandine Gautier

    Inspiring speakers

    Pascal Revault 
    Philippe Coste

    3:30pm - 4:00pm | BREAK AND NETWORKING

    4:00pm – 6:00pm | Thematic session of OSH Forum working groups - 2nd series of 3 parallel IWG Sessions :

    International Working Group 4 (Equitable access to health) - Developing OSH Practices & Resilience within Local Comunities

    Moderator and Welcoming

    Dr. Kumanan RASANATHAN


    Lene Søvold                                                                                                                         


    Ms. Runa Khan 
    Lene Søvold  
    Bilkis Vissandjée 
    Davide Ziveri   
    Dr. Kumanan Rasanathan 
    Mr. Rajat Khosla 
    Ms. Giulia Gasparri 

    International Working Group 5 (Financing sustainable health) - Finance and global levers of change to foster OSH Replay 


    Agnès Soucat (AFD)


    Fabien Quintard (OSH), Pascale Le Roy (AFD)


    Emma Lengle (Institute for Health and Society, Oslo)


    Ole Petter Ottersen (President, Karolinska Institute)                                                                                   


    Adama Mariko (Finance in Common Summit) 
    Caroline Piquet (AFD) 
    Soledad Cuevas & Josephine Borghi (LSHTM for PMNCH) 
    Tamer Samah Rabie (WB) 
    Claire Costis (GRET) 
    Mark Hanson (IDS, U. Southampton and PMNCH) 

    International Working Group 6 (Community action) - Developing OSH Practices & Resilience within Local Communities

    Moderator and Welcoming

    Juan LUBROTH


     Yon FERNANDEZ DE LARRIONA (Head, Indigenous Peoples Unit, FAO/UN)


    Brigitte BAGNOL (Prospective Cooperation - France)
    Eeva FURMAN (PM Office - Finland) 
    Natalia CEDIEL BECERRA (Professor, Universidad de La Salle, Colombia; One Health High Level Expert Panel)
    Amanda FINE (Wildlife Conservation Society - USA)
    Casimiro VIZZINI (One Sustainable Health)
    Manuelle MILLER (Program Manager, Veterinary Public Health, Agronomes & Vétérinaires Sans Frontières [AVSF] - France)
    Voices from the Field (Indigenous Communities of Odisha/Chhattisgarh - India)

    Side event

    • 6:00pm - 7:00pm  : The Research Agenda for Inclusive and Adaptative Systems for Health - The Role of Health Policy and Systems Research - On-site only 

    7:00pm - 9:30pm | EXHIBITION “To the full lungs” – Bullukian Foundation Lyon

  • Breaking the Silos / Moving Forward:
    Synthesis of knowledge, experience and formulation of better policies to move towards a healthier future

    8:30am - 9:00am | WELCOME COFFEE

    9:00am – 10:00am  | PLENARY SESSION 6 :  Crucial Inclusive Conversation - General Synthesis of the 6 International Working Groups Replay 


    This session will encompass and unify the ideas of the International Working Groups not as independent silos of thinking and doing, but discussing their inherent links and strategies for operationalization of One Health and Planetary Health.


    Fabien QUINTARD                                                                                                                   

    Internation Working Groups

    IWG 1 - Pollution
    IWG 2 - Food and Nutrition systems
    IWG 3 - Frontier with wilderness
    IWG 4 - Equitable access to health 
    IWG 5 - Financing One Sustainable Health 
    IWG 6 - Community action

    10:00am – 11:00am | PLENARY SESSION 7A :  Roundtable Breaking the Silos / Moving Forward Chapter 1 : Civil Society - Recommendations on how to move forward in civic initiative Replay 


    A conversation panel in 2 parts: Bringing in Academia, Non-Government Organisations, Civil Society Organizations, Foundations and Philanthropies, and the Private Sector together, this roundtable discussion will address the challenges in cross sectoral cooperation and collaboration and how to change the existing models or status quo break the silos and create space to meet the needs of future generations and safeguarding the planet.


    Cheikh MBOW (Director of Centre de Suivi Écologique - Senegal)

    ** Live-link with Amsterdam – European Planetary Health Congress (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Emerging Civic Initiatives

    Inspirational Voices

    Francine NTOUMI (President, Congolese Foundation for Medical Research) - On remote

    Roundtable Discussion

    Angel FONT VIDAL (Chair, Philanthropy Europe Association; economist - Spain)
    Ole Petter OTTERSEN (OEGH, University of Oslo; former President of Karolinska Institutet)
    Sabrina TACCHINI (Doctors for Extinction Rebellion)
    Serge BREYSSE (Member of Coordination SUD, CEO Solthis)
    Laetitia BOSIO (UHC 2030)  

    11:00am - 11:30am | BREAK AND NETWORKING 

    11:30am – 12:45pm | PLENARY SESSION 7B : Roundtable Breaking the Silos / Moving forward - Chapter 2 : Policy and governance - Recommendations on how to move forward in national and global governance Replay 


    The OSH Lyon Conference will connect in real-time with the concurrent meeting being held Budapest, Hungary, with the Ministries of Health and Environment, dealing with the polycrisisof climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution.  The connection will allow to provide a live snapshot of the discussions and recommendations from the ministerial conference in Budapest.


    Vanina LAURENT-LEDRU (Director General, Foundation S - The Sanofi Collective) 

    ** Live-link with Report from the concurrent Ministerial Conference in Budapest

    Inspirational Voices


    Vanessa KERRY (WHO Special Envoy for Climate Change and Health; Director, Program in Global Public Policy and Social Change, Harvard, USA) - On remote                                                                                                                                    Thierry LEFRANCOIS (Director, Biological Systems Department (BIO), CIRAD) 

    Roundtable Discussion

    Pr Awa Marie COLL SECK (Minister of State to the President of the Republic of Senegal)
    Francois BRAUN (Minister of Health and Prevention - France)
    Firass ABIAD (Minister of Health - Lebanon)
    David ATCHOARENA (Director, WHO Academy)
    Harena RASAMOELINA (Indian Ocean Commission, Integrated Surveillance)
    Marisol TOURAINE (Chair of the Executive Board of Unitaid, former French Health Minister)
    Thierry BEAUDET (President , Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental CESE)

    Live-link with Budapest Ministerial Conference 

    The OSH Lyon Conference will connect in real time with the concurrent meeting being held Budapest, Hungary, with the Ministries of Health and Environment , dealing with the polycrisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution. The connection will allow to provide a live snapshot of the discussions and recommendations from the ministerial conference in Budapest.

    Oliver SCHMOLL (Programme Manager, WHO) 
    Sir Andrew HAINES (Professor; Environmental Change and Public Health; former Dean of the London School for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene)

    12:45pm - 1:15pm | CLOSING SESSION OF THE OSH FORUM : Take-away's, next steps and thank you's Replay 

    Closing Speakers

    Marie-Awa COLL SECK (State Minister of Senegal)
    Rémy RIOUX (CEO, Agence Française de Développement)
    Maria NEIRA (WHO-ATTACH - Geneva)
    Max CLARON (OSH Next Generation coordinator - UK) 
    Jean-Pierre CLAVERANNE (President, Fondation BULLUKIAN - France)
    Antoine FLAHAULT (President, Geneva Health Forum)
    Valerie VERDIER (Chairwoman IRD [French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development])
    Anne-Cécile VIOLLAND (French MP, Chair of the Health and Environment standing committee)
    Grégory DOUCET (City Mayor - Lyon)

    2:00pm - 4:00pm | FREE TOUR -  Musée des Confluences (on-site only)

    Side event

    • 2:30pm - 4:00pm  : Meeting between parliamentarians and OSH Forum Leadership - by invitation 
      Special session with parlementaries and organizations/experts from the OSH Forum.
      Organized by Global Health Advocates (GHA) and the One Sustainable for all Foundation  

I register now

Professionals from all public and private organizations wishing to participate to this Forum are invited to participate :

  • On remote: registrations are free and opened to all. Sessions will be recorded and live streamed on the website.
  • On-site: Fee for registration. Seats being limited on-site, we strive to allocate them according to both multidisciplinary and geographical criteria. On-site registration are then submitted to validation of the organizing committee.


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